Friday, November 1, 2013

It Has Been A While

Thanks to someone, who has recently updated her blog and posted in Facebook. I have found my consensus and start re-bloging again.

Straight to the point, I don't really care about what others think of me. It's hard to find someone who has the same interest as I have. I have gone through 2 years of my university's life in a public university and I don't really click on those students. As I moved on, I noticed that they have a 'fat' heart, which really amazed me in every way. I realised they can be the craziest and wildest friend that you can get.

I have gone through difficult time during university life as I promised myself that I will work hard to be a role model for my younger siblings. As I'm like a father figure to them, I must prove myself that I could take good care of them in the future. Unforeseen challenges might slow me down but with a perseverance heart, nothing is impossible.

I have been told to find a life partner before I graduate from university. I personally feel that I'm more inclined towards goals and success. People usually thinks that I'm gay just because I don't glance at women. I'm not that kind of guy that creeps into looks but generally, I felt that guys are getting more pervert. Ain't that a truth? With lots of responsibilities in my hand, I don't really into relationship right now as I need to provide financial aid to my family.

I feel great when I occupy my time with saxophone. It's like a heaven to me when I started to blow the magnificent machine, although I do hate the conductor. Everyone has his or her interest, I know some of my friends are fanatic of having a muscular body, getting their body into shape and what not, and they really like to show off with their muscles and trainings. My interest is in music, which strengthen your inner organ rather than physical body. I perceived that building strength internally makes more sense.

I guess that's it for now. Toodles.

Monday, December 31, 2007

Singapore Trip

First Day
We stopped by Malacca before we go to Singapore. My father and I had to paint all these 3 rooms before we left. On that night, We went to the Portuguese Settlement to hang around. There, it was beautiful. Lights all around the houses, many people gathered around to admire all the houses. It was amazing and fantastic.

Second Day
This is the day that we hit the road again. We reached at Woodlands around 7p.m. Along the road to the apartment, we saw many branded and cool cars passing by us. In my cousin's apartment, it was well decorated with plasma tv and sound system.

The plasma tv and the surrounding sounds

Ferrari, my favorite

Third Day(Christmas Eve)
We woke up late. We hit Orchard Road to feel the christmas spirit in Singapore. It was very crowded. The path is full of people and people. We went to several shopping complex. We didn't buy anything because it's too expensive. We stopped by a stall called Orange Julius. They served drinks and ice creams. It was cooling. By the way, we saw many huge christmas tree decorated with lights and balls. Well, we saw the fastest car in the world. It was park near the hotel. After that, we went back. We ate dinner around 11p.m. Well, it was christmas day. It's present time. Everyone enjoyed their's gifts. My sis and I stayed awake to watch The Beautiful Mind. Too bad, I was asleep half way.

Orchard Road
Orange Julius, yummy!!
The fastest car in the world

Fourth Day(Christmas Day)
This is the moment that I been waiting for. This place is awesome. It's called Sentosa Island. My sis and I went for a sky ride. It was fun and scary. After that, we visited Merlion. Well, it was combination of mermaid and lion. It was nice combination. We continued our journey to a Underwater World. It was quite fun to touch sting ray and starfish. What I like about this place is the sharks and dugong. The sharks was pretty scary. The teeth was really something. Dugong was cute and its swam smoothly.

Scary Ride to the sky
Merlion statue
Dugong swam smoothly

Fifth Day
It was a fun day for us. We went to east coast sea side. The scenery at the beach is beautiful. We were amazed by several sandcastle. We played captain ball for half and hour. Poor Wen Dee, she was sick. After that, we went for cycling. I ride a two seater bicycle. It was quite heavy for me to ride. Well, the fun was over. We had to sent my sis to the clinic. She felt better after taking medicine. Don't forget to mention about barbecue, it was very delicious. Joel was in charge of the barbecue. He did a great job. I love the chicken!!!

Two seater bicycle
Barbecue time!!

Sixth Day
This is the day I got sick. Didn't do much things. So, this is the end of my day.

I got sick

Seventh Day
I felt better than yesterday. We went back home safely.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Home Sweet Home

Finally, I'm at home. At last, I can eat Malaysian food. Food in Singapore is worse than here. So, I thank God that I'm here. I have to redeem my sleep today. So, I will update my blog tomorrow morning.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Happy Birthday

Hahaha, grown up already. You can get out from the house and start a new life.

What a Day

Today is the day that the Lord has made. Well, my family and I went to Restaurant SIAM 62. This restaurant is a Thailand Restaurant. This place is damn cool. It's peaceful, relaxing... The food is extraordinary. The toilet is like a garden. There is a path that leads to the toilet. Flowers and tiny stones is around the toilet. So much for a toilet to describe.

You know what? Today is my big sister birthday. Hahaha, big girl already. We can't take care of her anymore. So, she take of herself now. After that, we went to Giant. It is a shopping complex that is giant. We went to hang around to admire all the things around us. To me, it is so boring. We went there to buy christmas stuff.

We came back. We felt tired after a long journey.


Monday, December 17, 2007

Amazing Night With Sai Hong

I went for World Marching Band Competition(WMBC). I took train from Bandaraya to Plaza Rakyat. Too bad, my shoes doesn't fit me. Along the way, I was suffered from my shoes. I invited Sai Hong to come with me to watch the finale.

Just to let you know, we sat near the VIP. Hahahaha. The competition is damn cool. I was listening to the sound of the saxophone. Well, too bad Malaysia didn't win this competition. I think it's very hard to say that every country that represents will win. I was truly enjoy the competition. I think every band is interesting.

I want to thank a teacher from VI to let me watched this competition. Throughout the competition, I was amazed from every band that represents their country. After the competition, I went back home to watch Asian Idol. Too bad, I'm too late for that. I'm hopping that Malaysia will win Asian Idol.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

One Whole Day With My Sis

Well, it's started in the afternoon. My sister and I went to Mid Valley by bus and train. I have to admit that Mcdonald's ice cream is the best. I just went there for ice-cream actually.

Enchanted? Just a fairy tale woman whom been kissed by a man called Robert. It is funny, interesting and funny. After watching the movie, we went to MPH to hang around. I went to the music section. I had been looking for a solo book for alto saxophone.

I have to admit that solo books are expensive. If you want to buy them, you have to bring at least RM75. I bought one for RM40. I wanted to buy MORE solo books. My sister interested in classic books. I don't know why? I think she is from the past.

I went to buy ice-cream again. Then, we got home by bus and train. Got home safe.


MPH in Mid Valley